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The Virtual & Distributed Audit Firm - Are You Ready?

November 16, 2020 andresterley

“Move It To The Cloud… NOW”

Audit firms were already (slowly) migrating business operations to cloud infrastructure over the years and thereby, enabling an increasing amount of business processes to be performed remotely.

However, the COVID crisis has served as a catalyst to accelerate digital transformation. It has now become a necessity to make the move to cloud technologies.

As McKinsey & Company stated in a recent article on reimagining the post-pandemic economic future, “Seemingly overnight, access to digital infrastructure became a basic requirement for doing business in the face of the pandemic”

Did You Pass The “Lights-out” Test?

As businesses and SMEs are grappling with moving critical business operations online, it's no surprise that cloud providers and digital transformation services are in high demand. 

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to their trusted business advisors as a guiding light to navigate this perilous pandemic. 

Business leaders are forced to think in new ways and reassess strategies to accelerate digital transformation in the face of the pandemic and the uncertain post-pandemic future.

Or, as leading CIO expert Tim Crawford in a Deloitte podcast put it, “When you move to cloud, one of the great things that come from that is kind of forcing you to think about how to run in a lights-out operation.”

A Distributed, More Virtual Audit Firm

Like so many organizations, audit firms are exploring ways in which to adapt to this sudden “forced digital” economy and transition their firm and A&A practice to a more virtual business model without sacrificing productivity or client service. 

A&A practice leaders are also increasingly under pressure to be more nimble, agile, and position themselves to rapidly respond to changing business needs.

One of the most impactful benefits to audit firms of being digital is the opportunity to source quality “on-demand” offshore audit talent to lower fixed payroll costs and thereby offer more competitive rates on target proposals. A prospect that has become even more attractive now given the shift to a more distributed and remote workforce.

At SAPRO, we pride ourselves to deliver audit firms in the U.S. and internationally with access to the right subject-matter skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Why not give us a call to learn more about why audit firms trust us to provide them with the very highest caliber talent when they need it most?


P.S. Schedule a call or simply text “Questions” to 646-344-2251 to learn more about how we can help you lower your fixed payroll costs by 20 - 40% by providing you with the best and most sought after offshore certified audit talent during your busy periods.

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