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Build Your Team

Tax deadlines are looming - are you prepared for them?

As the tax season approaches – with its many pressures and demands – SAPRO is here to support you with solutions designed to streamline your operations and reduce your tax season stresses and complications with our world-class professionals.

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Our experts from India will empower you with their world-class technical skills and knowledge, helping you to overcome capacity constraints, preventing burnout amongst your top talent.

These vastly experienced, innovative, and accurate professionals guarantee data protection and privacy, and always deliver top quality submissions, on time, every time.

Experienced and technically versatile

At SAPRO we employ only the most seasoned tax experts. They have vast experience with the Big 4, as well as 1065, 1120 and 1120-S business returns, and federal and SALT compliance across 50 states. Our talent pool ranges in seniority, from Tax Managers, Senior Managers and Managers to Seniors in Charge, Seniors and Tax Associates.

Our broad technical capabilities span a variety of software systems, including:

  • CCH Axcess
  • OneSource
  • Go System
  • K-1 Suite
  • Corptax
  • FASCustom / proprietary systems (upfront training)

Meeting every deadline and deliverable

We support our tax preparation services with people, project and performance management success teams, ensuring superior delivery that is always on time.

SAPRO’s tax preparation services include: 

  • Preparation and review of book-to-tax reconciliation work papers.
  • Preparation, senior review and manager review of various federal tax forms like 1120-C, 1120-S and 1065.
  • Preparation and review of extension and estimate forms for federal and state.
  • Preparation, senior review and manager review of separate, combined and consolidated corporate state returns.
  • Preparation, senior review and manager review of partnership state returns.
  • Preparation and review of state work papers for both corporate and partnership.
  • Assistance in the clearance of e-filing diagnostics.

We guarantee confidentiality

Data confidentiality is our top priority. Our teams are contractually bound by stringent data protection and governance controls, supported by the most advanced data security technology. We also provide security assessment and compliance reports.

Enjoy a seamless, stress-free season

You can reduce tax season stress and complications with the support of our world-class professionals.

Vastly experienced, innovative, and accurate, they are ideal for helping your business navigate complex tax submissions – on time, every time.

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