Advancing your accounting career in a digital age

Advancing your accounting career in a digital age

In a quickly evolving digital age, there are some elements that you can take control of to advance and enhance your career – including harnessing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to your advantage, and ensuring that your personal career brand is on point.

The AI revolution

AI is a buzzword that is increasingly on everyone’s radar. From ChatGPT and Gemini to Otter and Dall-E, generative AI platforms are taking the world by storm. And in the recruitment space, prepare for changes to how companies find, hire, and onboard you in the future – making the recruitment process faster, more efficient, and completely data-driven.



Smarter sourcing

By analyzing vast amounts of data to identify top talent globally, based on skills, experience, and qualifications.



AI-powered assessments

AI-powered assessments to evaluate skills and behaviors, getting you on the fast-track with recruiters.



AI-driven candidate experience

Chatbots powered by AI that can provide you with an inside look at the company culture, or even help you prepare for your interview – personalizing your experience.  




Unconscious bias detection

AI algorithms can be trained to analyze job descriptions, interview questions, and even recruiter communication for signs of unconscious bias.


Leveraging the power of AI to further your career is becoming a necessity; so, embrace the changes as they happen:









Use ChatGPT to identify career pathways and opportunities, and use concise prompts to build career development plans.

Compare your resume to the job spec and ensure that you fit the criteria, and use this to create a compelling cover letter.

Use AI writing tools to ensure that your resume is fully updated, written well, and in line with keywords in the job spec.

AI assessments help you improve by identifying weaknesses, personalizing learning, and benchmarking progress.


The more you embrace the digitized AI elements that are shaping recruitment, the better equipped you will be to take charge of your career.
Maximize your personal brand
The misconception of personal branding

When most people mention “personal branding” they think of LinkedIn or TikTok. Online platforms where you can perfectly curate how people see you – before they ever interact with you personally. Most of us invest a lot of time in these platforms – but that is where it stops. Filling out job specs or profiles with companies becomes an annoyance, and most of the time, we fill it out half-heartedly.

Personal branding beyond social media

With the rise of independent contracting across most industries, your personal brand is becoming increasingly important. Imagine it as miniature online platforms within each organization you contract for. Like Upwork or Fiverr where you can compare service providers with similar skills, but internally.

The rise of internal branding platforms

Here’s how your online presence affects your chances:







Each deployment opportunity is compared to the skills in the database.

If your skills match, you get a potential placement.

However, incomplete or missing information can disqualify you, even if you’re a perfect fit.


There is only one “you”. Ensure you highlight your personal brand everywhere it matters. Always give your best effort, and your strengths will shine through!

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