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We know the future is uncertain and that having access to an agile pipeline of professionals is the most valuable asset that any business can have to ensure sustainable growth.
As the leader in offshore, center-based talent solutions, SAPRO offers specialist talent pools of expert professionals across all three primary practice areas – Tax, Assurance and Advisory – from our global Centers of Excellence in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) and India (Bengaluru).
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PRO Solutions, Tailored For You

Choose more knowledge, experience and diversity and get more capacity for you and your Tax, Assurance and Advisory solutions delivered through our Advisory and Workforce Planning Solutions.

Our center-based talent solutions give you:

Diverse Expertise

  • Specialists for public accounting firms with over 100 active and satisfied clients.
  • Talent consultant and workforce planning experts guiding you every step of the way to solve your talent challenges.
  • Expert talent pools in Assurance, Tax and Advisory, with a depth and breadth of knowledge and multi-sector, multi-practice experience.
  • Training, professional development, coaching and mentoring ensuring our professionals are ahead of the curve.

Local Knowledge

  • Match talent to your culture and expect continuity with high retention and low attrition.

Global Support

  • Multiple centers in India and South Africa.
  • Dedicated IT resources providing standardized, secure and controlled technology set ups tailored to enhance your specific requirements while maintaining enhanced security compliance.  
  • Seamless talent integration minimizing disruptions while maximizing efficiency, with 24/7 support. 

Choice and Flexibility

Optimize resources, grow sustainably with flexible multi-prong solutions to suit your needs: 
  • Workforce Planning and Consulting 
  • Talent Augmentation Solutions 
  • SAPRO Centers of Excellence
  • SAPRO’s Flexi CoE B-O-T (Build | Operate | Transfer)  

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SAPRO Tailored Solutions

With SAPRO, you're not just outsourcing; you're partnering with excellence. Our professionals understand your unique needs and are committed to swift, high-quality service delivery. Our collaborative approach ensures you capitalize on the benefits of offshore excellence while being supported by adaptable resources that evolve with your demands.

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At SAPRO, we offer a truly unique and value-added service to our clients through our distinctive Build - Operate - Transfer (B-O-T) methodology. In the Build phase, we take on the responsibility of not only constructing a dedicated center tailored to your exact needs but also operating it in alignment with your vision. This tailored approach not only delivers a customized solution but also relieves you of the operational complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Through our innovative B-O-T approach, the Operate phase is where we shine. We meticulously construct a center that aligns with your specific requirements, and our expert team adeptly manages the day-to-day operations. This dual commitment not only saves you valuable time and resources but also guarantees the center's seamless functionality, ensuring the achievement of your desired outcomes without compromise.


As your readiness to assume full ownership of the center grows, the Transfer phase comes into play. We facilitate a smooth and well-orchestrated transition of ownership, following a predefined timeline. This distinctive arrangement provides you with the unique advantage of capitalizing on an already established, operational, and effective center. You gain the benefits of a successful center while having the flexibility to take the reins at your own pace and convenience, ensuring a seamless transition that aligns with your strategic goals.

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