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Who We Are

SAPRO is a global talent outsourcing firm providing expert professionals in Tax, Advisory and Assurance, aligning optimal resources for sustainable growth.

SAPRO is dedicated to investing in and placing world-class talent, ensuring that our clients and candidates achieve continuous growth and success. Through our data-driven approach and global capability, we bridge the gap between the supply and demand of professional talent, driving exceptional results and streamlining operations. 

One Globally Connected Team

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Purpose-led, Vision-driven

We’re on a mission to be a force for sustainable growth in our people, our clients, our communities so that we become a force for sustainable good. Making a meaningful difference in the world and leaving a proud legacy for future generations.


Building better futures for our people, clients, and our global community.


Globally recognized as the trusted partner and employer of choice for Assurance, Tax and Advisory services, delivering sustainable solutions and value to our clients, people, and our global community.

Our Values and Employee Value Proposition are our Foundation

SAPRO Values

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We leverage our global network and collective strengths to achieve more.

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We take great pride in what we do. It shines through in every aspect of our business.

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Honesty, trust, and integrity are paramount to our success.

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We create sustainable solutions that positively uplift individuals, businesses, and communities.

Employee Value Proposition

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Shared Purpose

Shared Purpose

"I am invested"

We lead with purpose and live by our values, to build better futures for our people, clients, and our global community.

Career Growth

Career Growth

"I shape my growth"

Shape your career with short-term opportunities that grow you and competitively reward your excellence.

Total Agility

Total Agility

"I own my success"

We expect excellence and in exchange empower you to adapt and take ownership of your career.

Connected Community

Connected Community

"I am enabled"

Ours is a collaborative workplace, where we connect people, experiences and opportunities that foster impact and growth.

Holistic Experiences

Holistic Experiences

"I feel fulfilled"

Your passions matter. So does your career. We co-create flexible work experiences and connect you to opportunities so that you can thrive.

Purpose-led, Vision-driven

We celebrate and support diversity. Inclusion is in our DNA and our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives (DIBs) committee drives conversations that help us build a better and more inclusive workplace.

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Gender Equality
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Mental Health Awareness
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Generational Awareness
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Proud to be an
international talent

International Talent Centers

There’s a reason why leading global accounting firms refer to our people as PROs. They’re exactly that – top-tier professionals in Assurance, Tax and Advisory. PROs who help our clients grow by providing quality service, especially during demanding peak seasons.

community impact

Community Impact

SAPRO and our PROs actively participate to empower communities throughout Africa, India and the USA. We’re also proud of our partnerships with two inspiring charities:

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Why Clients Choose Us

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SAPRO is the best place to work. You can experience what actually a work life balance is, what a stress-free employment is, what a recognition is and what not. PEACEFUL place to work and deliver your best.
Sumanth Nuvvuru


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The experience at SAPRO has been amazing and more than I could ever ask for - that's why everyday gain a wealth of experience.
Jarred Rai


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During my time with SAPRO, I have had the opportunity to work with people from different walks of life, different cultures and religions. When not onshore; working remotely has provided me with the opportunity to have the work /life balance I needed for a healthier mental health. It has further afforded me the opportunity to work from anywhere, I am not restricted to my home office space, which is pretty amazing.
Moloko Majuta


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I was fortunate to work onshore at a medium audit firm for 6 months of the year and 6 months offshore. Going onshore was amazing and learned so many new things and learned how to adapt to different situations. I got to experience a new culture and see the US. Working remotely and onshore taught me very different skills. Onshore I had to adapt to very long working hours and manage a lot of clients at once and working closely with a different people. Remotely, I learned a lot of self-discipline and communication skills.
Leande duPlessis


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I initially worked under a fixed contract term as the audit environment could be quite busy during some times and then transitioned to full time. With the current environment and changes in data technology I have learnt to adapt to the different needs of my clients. SAPRO provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more over the ever-changing finance industry, build connections and then transition based on this to the career that you feel the best pursuing.
Armandt Horn


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What has been equally remarkable are the training programs at SAPRO. The company's dedication to investing in its employees is evident in the comprehensive training and development opportunities it offers. The training sessions, covering everything from cutting-edge audit software to effective cross-cultural communication, have been instrumental in equipping me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel when servicing our international clients. These training programs have not only honed my technical skills but also enhanced my ability to understand and adapt to the unique needs of our global clientele. 
Victor Jesujuwonlo Akano


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SAPRO does not only add value to its client but also adds value to its employees and communities. Therefore, when it comes to its employees, the company ensures that its employees are kept highly skilled by keeping them up to date with changes to standards, legislation, technology, etc. It does this by offering trainings through SAPRO Academy and other training channels, and attempt to assist employees achieve their personal and professional growth - and at the same time offer sustainable solutions to clients. If you are someone who is looking for personal and professional growth while working from home, then SAPRO is your answer!
Philisiwe Gumede


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Through SAPRO I have gained more international exposure and the opportunity to explore other sectors such as freight management, health care technology enabler, advisory and energy sector. While I’ve audited technology company before, this experience has broadened my perspective, allowing me to understand various other sections, which I truly appreciate.
Nhlanhla Myeni


PROs Creating Positive Change

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