SAPRO Headshots 2023-15
Dario Grassini

Co-CEO & Founder

Committed to addressing social and economic inequality as well as environmental issues.

SAPRO Headshots 2023-19-1
Greg Maslov

Co-CEO & Founder

Passionate about growing greatness in individuals and businesses.

SAPRO Headshots 2023-22
Nelis Swart

SAPRO Africa: Managing Executive and Exco Member

Driving transformation and cultivating success for clients, talent, and communities.

SAPRO Headshots 2023-6
Sirish Korada

SAPRO India: Managing Director and Exco Member

Shaping and leading organizational growth.

SAPRO Headshots 2023-9
Frank Longobardi

Non-Executive Chairman

Inspiring excellence and propelling growth and client service.

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