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Our Tax Professionals are ready to assist you

Tax filing season could be a seamless and stress-free process, with our qualified Tax Professionals supporting your organization.  

Our Tax Centre of Excellence provides you with secure and confidential tax filing through our Tax specialists who join your current teams and support you when you need them most. We offer experienced:   

  • Tax Senior Managers  
  • Tax Managers 
  • Tax Seniors in Charge 
  • Tax Seniors 
  • Experienced Tax Associates 

Our tax specialists are all seasoned experts who have Big 4, US Tax experience, and have experience completing 1065, 1120 and 1120-S business returns across federal and SALT compliances (state and local taxes), with capabilities spanning a variety of software systems, including;  

  • CCH Axcess 
  • OneSource 
  • Go System 
  • K-1 Suite
  • CorpTax
  • FAS

SAPRO’s Tax Preparation services include: 

  • Preparation and Review of Book to Tax Reconciliation workpapers
  • Preparation, Senior Review and Manager Review of various Federal Tax Forms like 1120-C, 1120-S and 1065
  • Preparation and Review of Extension & Estimate forms for Federal and State
  • Preparation, Senior Review and Manager Review of separate, combined and consolidated corporate state returns
  • Preparation, Senior Review and Manager Review of partnership state returns
  • Preparation and review of state workpapers for both corporate and partnership
  • Assistance in the clearance of e-filing diagnostic 

Benefits of on-demand tax resources during tax season  

  • Onboard resources when you need them – maintaining your headcount and increasing your firm’s annual billable hours 
  • Successfully deliver on increased volumes of work during peak tax season 
  • Attract new clients knowing that SAPRO resources are immediately available to support your permanent teams 
  • Improve your team’s quality of life by supporting them with additional, skilled resources who can help carry the load 

SAPRO can support you this tax season  

Innovative tax consulting and precise compliance resources can help your business navigate complicated tax legislation. Let us help you cut through the complexity and support your tax resourcing needs.  

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