Build resilience in your career


The last few years have been rough. From Covid-19 and its aftermath, to shifting global climates, we have all had to be resilient and flexible in our daily lives – and our careers. The traditional career path that was established years ago is no longer desirable for all, and accountants are choosing to adapt and pivot.

One of the key characteristics that have become central to navigating the constant changes is Resilience. While still important, EQ (emotional quotient) and IQ (intelligence quotient) are making way for Adaptability and Resilience. Essentially, how good are you at adapting to difficult or challenging experiences – mentally, emotionally, and externally (behaviorally) – has become increasingly important.

While some of us are better at this than others, it is still a skill – one that can be learned and practiced.

Here are some key tips we’ve found work well:

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