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Building Deeper Connections in a Remote-Work Environment

March 7, 2022 SAPRO

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The term "remote work" is one that we've all become familiar with over the past few years. Although a common term, the experience is not a common experience for everyone.   

Recent studies show that more than 80% of professionals enjoy working remotely; of those surveyed, the majority - 65% - say that remote work has positively impacted their work-life balance. It has increased flexibility, productivity, and with little or no travel time to the office. What’s not to love about that arrangement? 

Conversely, the same work-studies identify things that people lost in this environment; at the top of the list were “social connection,” "collaboration," "motivation," and "communication."   

At SAPRO we rely on our employee value proposition to guide our decisions. When it comes to remote work SAPRO offers radical flexibility, holistic well-being and focuses on the needs of the individual by encouraging deeper connections. Our consultants are highly skilled assurance, tax, and advisory professionals who enjoy an environment where they focus on delivering results from anywhere, whether that is from home or client sites. 

Our team members start their journey with SAPRO by sharing a common purpose, our mission: building better futures for our people, clients, and our global community. Each PRO is assigned to a dedicated Success Manager whose sole purpose is to guide the PRO to success, through robust learning and talent development plans, coaching conversations, and a demonstrated commitment to the individual’s holistic wellbeing. Why is this important? We all need someone who will guide, advise, and help us unleash our superpowers.  SAPRO’s Success Managers are uniquely well equipment because most of them started with SAPRO as consultants (PROs) themselves and needed the same support as everyone else. Mary Maguire, Chief Operating Office of SAPRO says, “We are the sticky web that keeps everyone connected by helping, inspiring, and supporting others to grow and through this, we all continue to develop and build the better future we envisage for our community". 

This team has found unique and innovative ways to collaborate, motivate and build a SAPRO community, whilst focusing on the all-important element of connecting, providing a sense of feeling understood and developing meaningful relationships. Everything from virtual get-togethers through to our fitness forum, peer-to-peer support groups, as well as individual and personal connections help keep us all connected. Our touchpoints range from individual coaching sessions to intimate QA sessions, or “Lunch and Laughs” for the entire firm. Our leaders love to get into the action as well, hosting teatime chats, listening tours, or Townhalls.   

The benefits of working from anywhere are plentiful. However, building better futures for our people and maintaining and improving deeper connections starts with understanding and a clear commitment to build meaningful relationships with those around you (both in-person and virtually), which takes a bit of effort.  

Want to be part of something extraordinary, where you can build better futures and experience deeper connections?  Apply today at SAPRO Careers.  

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