The skills gap caused by COVID


In 2020, the world we knew changed drastically. Our day-to-day lives were thrown into disarray, and the way we lived and worked changed virtually overnight. Schools shut down and turned to remote learning, companies implemented work from home plans, and we all hunkered down while we waited for everything to pass.

As we enter 2024, we still see there percussions of this time, particularly in the education and skills seen in the scholars of that time. The difficulties with online learning at speed meant that there were gaps in training and education – including core skills and learning. Recent reports by firms show that they notice a gap in skills. Many employees who had not entered the workforce by the time Covid-19 hit have struggled with things like presentation skills, teamwork, and speaking up in meetings.

This has been identified by many industry leaders as a key concern, and many are mobilizing to ensure that companies come to the party by providing basic professional training and working skills – in addition to constant upskilling and learning – to ensure that no-one is left behind and your skills and experience remains globally relevant.

“We need to upskill the profession and our future members in away that goes beyond where the current college curriculum takes them… that means developing human intelligence skills like team building, leadership, emotional intelligence, and more.”

— Anthony Pugliese, president & CEO, Institute of Internal Auditors

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