Why strategic outsourcing is key in 2024

Many firms are looking for a more stable approach to staffing in 2024, and that's where strategic outsourcing comes in as a flexible and sustainable way to build a talent pool. Here's why outsourcing is becoming a key strategy for businesses:

  • Adaptability: Business needs can fluctuate. Outsourcing allows you to scale your team up or down seamlessly depending on current projects and workloads. No more over-hiring and scrambling to adjust later.
  • Cost Optimization: By accessing a wider talent pool, you might find skilled professionals with competitive rates. This can help optimize your overall staffing costs.
  • Efficiency Boost: Outsourcing providers often have expertise in capacity planning and streamlined processes. This can free up your internal resources and potentially improve your overall efficiency.

At SAPRO, we help firms strategically co-design their workforce and deploy top-tier talent, effectively, efficiently and economically.

  • A global talent pool: Access a global talent pool of skilled professionals with experience in accounting, tax, assurance and audit.  
  • Scalable solutions: Our solutions are scalable and suit the evolving needs of any size firm. 
  • Centers of Excellence (COEs): Global COE's to help diversify your firm, allowing you to scale quickly and easily by leveraging our resources and infrastructure.  
  • Help them take on more clients: Take on more work with skilled resources who are dedicated to your firm's needs, and available immediately to fill any talent gaps. 
  • Overcome talent shortages: Our skilled and experienced teams are sourced globally, from countries with surplus accounting and tax teams - including South Africa and India.   
  • 24/7 operations: A global team allows your firm to provide services 24/7 due to time zone differences (with overlaps).  
  • Access diverse expertise: Immediate access to in-demand skills in assurance, tax and advisory.  
  • Highly experienced resources: Access resources who have broad multi-sector, multi-practice experience.  
  • Seamless integration of talent into your team: Minimal disruption while maximizing efficiency with talent that is ready to hit the ground running.  
  • Cost effective solutions: Customized and cost-effective solutions tailored to suit your needs. 

Firms are moving away from the boom-bust cycle of hiring and layoffs and proactive talent management through strategic outsourcing is gaining traction as a way to build a more stable and adaptable workforce.

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