SAPRO Elevates Hiring Practices through Strategic Partnership with Bryq

SAPRO is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Bryq, an innovative talent assessment platform and intelligence solution. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for SAPRO as it seeks to enhance its hiring and screening processes, embracing innovation to reshape the future of talent acquisition through technology.  

Bryq’s platform specializes in data-driven talent assessment, utilizing advanced analytics and behavioural science to evaluate candidates objectively and holistically. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Bryq goes beyond traditional hiring methods.  

Bryq’s CEO, Markellos Diorinos, says; "The essence of professional services lies in the calibre of its people. Our partnership with SAPRO highlights our shared commitment to leading the industry by ensuring the highest quality of talent. Our platform enables SAPRO to excel in talent acquisition, setting new benchmarks for excellence and efficiency in hiring."  

In today’s dynamic business landscape, SAPRO recognizes the importance of staying ahead and leveraging advanced technologies for sustainable growth. The partnership with Bryq aligns with SAPRO's commitment to embracing change and adopting solutions that reshape talent sourcing and hiring.  

Wiedaad Shaik, SAPRO’s Chief Talent Architect, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Bryq's innovative approach to talent assessment aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence. By integrating their platform into our hiring processes, we are confident in our ability to identify and nurture our talent, and positively match them to our client requirements, ensuring success for all." 

Key highlights of the partnership include: 

  • Incorporation of Bryq's advanced assessment tools: SAPRO has seamlessly integrated Bryq's state-of-the-art assessment tools into its hiring processes, delivering a more comprehensive and accurate evaluation of candidates. This move enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of SAPRO's talent acquisition strategy. 
  • Revolutionizing the hiring experience: The partnership with Bryq empowers SAPRO to positively enhance the hiring experience for both candidates and hiring teams. By leveraging advanced analytics and behavioral assessments, SAPRO is creating a more transparent and fair recruitment process aligned with the company's values. 
  • Future-ready talent acquisition: SAPRO has taken proactive steps to ensure its business is future-ready. The integration of Bryq is part of SAPRO's broader initiative to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, positioning the company for sustained success. 
  • Commitment to sustainable growth: Through the adoption of cutting-edge hiring technologies, SAPRO not only ensures the recruitment of the best-fit talent but also contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of its operations. 

Candice Coetzee, Talent Acquisition Manager for SAPRO, emphasizes Bryq's impact on recruitment processes, stating, “Bryq has revolutionized our hiring processes by leveraging Ethical AI (Artificial Intelligence). With Bryq, we can gain deeper insights into candidates during the screening process, going beyond their CV alone.”  

SAPRO is thrilled by the positive influence of this collaboration, experiencing enhanced outcomes that benefit the organization, its clients, and its workforce. 

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