Contracting Talent Recruiting: Think Globally, Not Just Locally


Technology has revolutionized the accounting industry. Digitalization allows accountants to perform accounting tasks from any location. With a secure internet connection and a computer, accountants can work from anywhere in the world, opening a new way for them to work. 

At the same time, accountants are in short supply and it’s no secret that hiring and retaining appropriately qualified individuals is one of the biggest challenges in accounting firms, especially in the US.  

The solution for filling roles where domestic skills are in short supply? Global recruiting. 

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Global Recruiting for Accounting Firms 

Cloud-based accounting business models have made it possible for many firms to serve a broader range of clients, enabling them to provide services for businesses nationally, and even internationally. 

However, expanding your client base requires you to have the resources to serve those clients. While looking locally means you have access to a much smaller talent pool, considering talent from a global perspective, enriches your workforce and your business with top-quality international talent. 

Temporary or seasonal professional staff can be a great resource to help manage crunch times successfully, adding valuable intellectual capital and experience to your business. 

Access to Global Talent has Never Been Easier 

Much like the ability to do your work from anywhere, there are well-trained professionals all around the world, ready to help you serve clients and grow your business. 

The benefits of a worldwide recruitment approach include: 

  • Confidence in gaining new clients: Tackle a list of global leads with confidence that you’ll have a team equipped and ready to help. 
  • Retaining your best talent: A global pool means the ability to find candidates that fit into your firm’s culture. 
  • Improved client experience: A full team serving clients without getting overwhelmed and overloaded—even in the busy season. 
  • Increased profitability and margins: With full staffing, you’re able to offer additional services to your current clients, improving profitability. 

Diversify Your Workforce by Leveraging Global Talent 

There are numerous benefits to utilizing an international workforce, a massive one being diversification. International recruitment brings people into your business who have different perspectives. The blending of ideas from various cultures is the best possible recipe for creativity and innovation that can take your company to new heights. At SAPRO, we have experienced several positives resulting from creating an open and inclusive workforce: 

  • Awareness of different cultures: A broad geographic area of clients means high potential growth as well as interacting with different cultures. It’s the same with global talent, in that your team grows more rapidly and everyone gains awareness of cultures outside of their own. 
  • Higher-than-average female workforce: Both SAPRO and the firms that we partner with have a higher-than-average female workforce that comes from every part of the world. 
  • International relationships: Seeing and experiencing culture is the first step, but you and your full-time team can benefit greatly from the relationships with global professionals. 

Finding and Training a Global Team 

Global recruiting offers many possibilities, but the process can take time, and require a lot of administrative work, including the onboarding and managing of new staff. Finding places to post a job, figuring out task management, managing meetings for a remote international team, and managing the various time zones are challenges that must be considered.  

That is unless you have an outsourced talent partner. 

Global Talent from a Single Partner 

SAPRO recruits and trains highly qualified professionals from all over the world. These specialized individuals are ready to serve firms during their busiest seasons and times of high growth. By creating global centers of excellence, our experts are afforded meaningful opportunities (as well as world-wide travel adventures) throughout their career. We employ a rotating and mobile network that focuses on the well-being and careers of those who serve our clients. 

If you’re ready to see how our global recruiting and resources can benefit your firm, schedule a discovery call with us today. 

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